A real-life parasite has rewired mammal brains for extreme aggressive behavior…

... and over half of all the world's mammals are already infected, but aren't symptomatic, because the parasite remain dormant in its hosts.

Like a ticking bomb, this puppet master is quietly waiting for the right time to set off its hosts against the world.

That time is now!

The MADNESS Chronicles, is a new apocalyptic horror series by international best-selling author, ML Banner, chronicling a world descending into Madness.


MADNESS Chronicles

MADNESS Chronicles is the exciting new apocalyptic horror series, written by international best-selling author, ML Banner. All three books will be released from Spring through Summer 2018.

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The latest on the real Rage disease causing "madness" around the world. Yes, some form of Rage, as described in MADNESS, is a reality. You'll also find updates about the MADNESS Chronicles, and anything that relates to the MADNESS World. Being on the front lines might be your only chance of surviving the coming madness.

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