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What are the MADNESS Chronicles?

The MADNESS Chronicles is the newest apocalyptic-horror series by international bestselling and award-winning author M.L. Banner, which chronicles a world-wide apocalypse caused by animals (followed by people) going mad.

The Madness World opens up with a trilogy, the first two books (MADNESS & PARASITIC ) were released June, 2018. The third book (INFECTED) is scheduled for release in September.

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Is there any reality to this storyline?

There most certainly is. In fact, the story idea came from research I did about an actual protozoa which changes it’s host’s behavior, often making the animal (or human) aggressive, even violent. This protozoa currently infects over 1/2 the earth’s animal and human population.

So why haven’t we heard about this, if it’s real?

For two reasons. First, because the cause of violent animal or human attacks are often attributed to other causes: drugs, rabies, psychosis, distemper, and many other things. The attribution to a parasite had been rare and only recent.

The other reason for its under-reporting is because once infected, this protozoa remains dormant in most mammal’s brains. Close to three quarters of all the world’s mammals and as many as one out every two humans are infected, but they don’t know it or aren’t symptomatic… yet. YES, that means there’s a 50% chance YOU are one of those infected.

Have you noticed more angry people lately? What about an increase in animal attacks? Have you felt more angry lately?

Come on, you’re kidding, right?

I wish I were. This disease is very real and very scary. Plus, little is known about it. As I state in the book’s description, “It’s like a ticking bomb, where this puppet master is waiting for the right time to set off its hosts against us all.” I have only added the characters and a special bacteria to incite what I call in the story, the “Rage Disease.” This bacteria (also real-life) fans the flames of the madness chronicled in the story, affecting first animals and then people.

Wait, are we talking zombies?

No! Zombies aren’t real and cannot be real… They’re dead. This is far worse: it’s a real disease that currently infects live animals and people. Imagine a disease that rewires the brains of its hosts to go crazy, to drive them insane with a need to hurt, or even kill, and yet the host (the infected person or animal) has no disregard for its own well being. This is what this protozoa does in real life, and we see instances of this when it becomes active in animals and humans. Just Google “cannibal” or “biting attacks” or more recently, “zombie raccoons” and see what I mean. These stories are everywhere!

This is where the idea for the MADNESS Chronicles came from.

Is that all?

Absolutely not! I’m just getting started.

At MadnessWorld.Info, I’ll be providing some chilling info about the world of MADNESS and the story chronicled in its pages, and why you might want to be very worried when you see a bird flying above erratically, or you hear your neighbor screaming.

And if you really want to loose sleep at night, check out the news section of this website, where we chronicle actual stories which may be pointing to a disease of madness already spreading. Whether it will become a world-wide apocalypse is unknown, at least for now.

But you’ve been warned.


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