Madness at Costco

This is not your typical shopping-rage story, over line-cutting or general obnoxiousness.

This story was deadly.

A woman was found mauled to death in a Costco parking lot. ABC News reported that the woman was was most likely attacked by dogs.

The Bakersfield California Police Department said that a cause of death “has not been determined.” But NBC Los Angeles reported that animal control found a pit bull, a large mixed-bread and a stray in the area. All three dogs were taken in and will be euthanized.

As is often the case with animal attacks, the actual cause of the animals’ violence is never reported. Only speculation is offered with these stories (though none here), along with a mention of “rabies” or “distemper.” What is never offered as an explanation is Toxoplasmosis.

Is this just one more potential case of the Rage Disease, as a result of T-Gondii infection?

To add to this violence-at-Costco mystery, this same story mentions two other recent deadly “incidents” at Costco stores in California.

Is there something going on?

I’ll let you be the judge.


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