Zombie Attacks Bus or Is It Just Madness?

This eerie scene from Brazil, instantly makes you think, “Zombie!”

Watch the man in this video, who is shown staggering up to a public bus and then throwing himself, head first, at the windshield. Rather than collapsing from what should have resulted an injury, he staggers, screams and does it again and again.

The bus driver filmed the man from inside, as he and other worried witnesses watch and comment on the insane man’s relentless attacks.

If you examine the man’s behavior, he exhibits multiple symptoms related to a small brain-altering protozoa that currently infects almost half of the human population: epileptic convulsions, behavioral impairment, removal of a sense of fear, attraction to noises, and an irrational desire to commit violence.

Is this another example of a man infected with a form of the Rage Disease, as chronicled in MADNESS (coming soon), or was it just drugs as some had suggested?

You be the judge.

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