US Govt Knew of Parasite Threat for Decades

What do cute and lovable kittens have to do with a mind-altering parasite?

Unfortunately, they’re very closely related. What maybe more troubling is that our US federal government has been running secret laboratory experiments, using kittens as test tubes, ever since the Nixon administration, all because of the threat this parasite posses to the general population.

Multiple news agencies have reported about recently released documents from the US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) showing a decades-long, research project at their Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland. The documents came to light from a freedom of information request brought by an animal rights group and what they revealed was shocking. The USDA has been breading kittens, then feeding them raw meat infected with the parasite, Taxoplasma Gondii (Or T-Gondii for short). The feces of the infected cats—the primary focus of their experiments—were then harvested. The cats, having served their purpose, were killed and finally incinerated. Certainly this practice is as troubling as it sounds. The revelation has already launched a congressional inquiry. But it’s the reasons behind the research which should concern you much more than the slaughtering of maybe thousands of laboratory-bred kittens.

T-Gondii is the one of the most widespread parasitic infections, infecting perhaps half or more of all mammals and close to half of all humans. It’s effects to humans are only recently being discovered by scientists. Most widely reported are the potentially negative effects the parasite might have on pregnant women or those with compromised immune systems. Read any story about Taxoplasma Gondii and that’s what you’ll come away with.

So why go to all this trouble for a parasite that has already infected as much as half of the human population and whose primary threat is pregnant women? And would the USDA run a secret research program, funded by US tax dollars for decades, when the the public blow-back for killing hundreds of kittens would be so huge?

It wouldn’t, unless the potential threat of this parasite is much greater than reported.

We’ve already revealed in these pages that some scientists have proven that the active T-Gondii parasite affects neurological behavior in infected mammals, by rewiring its hosts’ brains. Infected test subjects have been shown to loose their fear of predators, while at the same time possess accelerated aggression. One not so controversial scientific theory is that the increased incidents of psychotic behavior in humans (think road rage, school shootings, and just about any other disturbing behaviors we’ve witnessed lately) may be as a direct result of the T-Gondii parasite.

Luckily, the incidents of psychotic behavior appear to be minimal, albeit growing, and that is being attributed to the parasite often being inactive in most infected hosts.

But imagine if this parasite were active in everyone infected? What would happen to us if the one-half of all infected animals and humans became psychotic all at once?

Of course, it would be madness.

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    1. Thanks David. I hesitated even having it posted, because of the whole killing kittens thing. But the threat is actually a real one. All over, neorobiologists are focusing their research on what toxoplasma is doing to humans. Wait until you see this week’s posting.

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