Fox Attack: Signal To Something More?

All over the world, you’ve seen these stories, or heard about them… strange animal attacks, by both wild and domestic animals. You’ve never put two and two together, until now. And why would you? The natural belief is that every attack is not unrelated to other similar incidents.

But are they?

Here is a typical story, coming to you from India (–1.2239471):

Residents in Guruvayur municipality are facing a threat from foxes here. Five people were injured on Wednesday after a fox attack.

What does it mean?

Why are we seeing a greater incidence of attacks occurring all over?

Few scientists are pointing to one particular protozoa as the cause for animals of the world becoming more aggressive. It’s also the basis for my newest series of books, MADNESS. The first two of these books will be released right after Halloween 2017.

So I ask you, could this fox attack be one of many signs that all the world’s animals are going mad? Soon you will know the truth.

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