Insane Cannibal Shot By Police

On September 9th, when the mother of twenty-five-year-old South African, Aphiwe Mapekula witnessed her son cutting the throat of a woman, she called the police. What police had found when they arrived on the scene was terrifying. Mr. Mapekula had severed the head of Thembisa Masumpa (35), after an argument, and was caught eating her flesh.

Police fired several warning shots at Mr. Mapekula, who ignored their requests and attacked them with a knife. The police shot him multiple times. But Mr. Mapekula wasn’t done.

Minutes after arriving at the hospital, he attacked a female medic. He died of his injuries three days later.

This is just the latest incident involving cannibalism in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Last month, four men were charged with raping, killing and “Consuming” parts of a woman. (from the

This is just one of the many cases of cannibalism sprouting up all over the civilized world. And like this one, the man (sometimes it’s a women) appeared to go insane with madness before attacking, while not caring about what happens to their own welfare. Police and other “experts” often attribute the cause of their insanity to drugs.

However, some scientists are now asserting that the rash of aggressive psychosis plaguing society is actually because of a simple protozoa that infects almost half of the world’s population.

What makes more sense: drugs, or one out of every two people infected with a disease which may make you go mad?

You decide.

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